Midwives believe that pregnancy and birth are normal events in most women’s lives. Having a baby at home is a beautiful, family centered experience. Midwives are specialists in normal birth. We take pride in our ability to offer you safe care, throughout your childbearing year, with appropriate monitoring, shared decision making and a shared commitment to keeping it natural.

Home Births

Midwives believe that pregnancy and birth are normal events in most women’s lives. Having a baby at home is a beautiful, family centered experience. There has been a worldwide movement to return birth to the home. Recently, the BC Ministry of Health released a statement supporting homebirth for low risk women. When a pregnancy is low risk, the labour remains within normal parameters, and you are being cared for by a trained health care provider, studies show that home birth is as safe as giving birth in hospital.

Midwives receive training and regular recertification in emergency skills and carry equipment and drugs with them to every birth, in order to deal with emergencies, should they occur.
Midwifery clients who give birth at home:

  • May feel safer and more relaxed than at the hospital.
  • Have the lowest likelihood of needing medical interventions such as c-section, epidural or episiotomy.
  • May find it advantageous not to drive anywhere in labour or after giving birth.
  • May enjoy the familiarity and intimacy of being at home and are able to choose who stays with them in labour, including their children.
  • Enjoy being able to eat their own food and move around their homes in labour.

If you choose a homebirth, one of your midwives will stay with you at home when you are in established labour and another midwife will come when the baby is coming. The midwives stay with you for a couple of hours after the delivery to make sure everyone is well and leave once you are all tucked into bed. One of your midwives will be back to see you the next day and is always available to you by pager.

Hospital Births

Our midwives have admitting privileges at Kelowna General Hospital. If you are choosing a hospital birth, a midwife may come to your home to assess labour before you move to the hospital. We have a great relationship with the hospital staff and work collaboratively when appropriate. When the birth and immediate postpartum period has been normal, we discharge moms and babies straight home within two to three hours after the birth. Rest assured, we will be out to see you the next day and you have access to us by pager.

Water Births

Many women find labouring and/or giving birth in water a very positive experience. Using water during labour aids relaxation, reduces the need for pain relief and initial research suggests that it is just as safe for both mother and baby as labouring on land. Water births are available at home in your bathtub or a rented birth pool or at the Malachite Birth Suite. There are no tubs at the hospital, but each labour room does have a large shower that can be used during labour only.

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