Postpartum care (care after the birth) with midwives continues for six weeks. During this time there are scheduled appointments with your midwife at your home and/or in hospital, and at the clinic – you can also page anytime with urgent concerns or questions.

During postpartum visits, we will:

  • Assess the health and progress of you and your baby
  • Assist with any breastfeeding difficulties and make a referral to a lactation consultant if needed
  • Weigh the baby
  • Offer routine newborn tests (Jaundice screening, Newborn Metabolic Screen, Hearing test)
  • Provide advice on normal newborn care and development
  • Discuss the physical changes you can expect after the birth

If needed we will make referrals to other professionals as needed (for example: Paediatrician, Lactation Specialist, Psychologist and complementary practitioners).

One of your team will visit you at home at least 3 times and more if necessary in the first week after the birth, to assist you with breastfeeding, teach, advise and monitor the health of you and your baby. You and your baby are seen by your midwife at 2 weeks and 4 weeks in clinic, to make sure breastfeeding is going well & that your baby is gaining weight. At 6 weeks you have your final visit with your midwife, when a full examination of both you and your baby is carried out.